Reviews of Past Programs

The following are excerpts from evaluations of Dr. Kehoe’s programs:

  • “…Nancy is a wonderful facilitator and leader. We were lucky to have her work with us.”
  • “….her skills, coupled with her gracious openness and acceptance of each individual’s beliefs, quickly gained the trust of a diverse group.”
  •  …”wonderful, caring, had keen and insightful comments, always has a different perspective.”
  •  “…is knowledgeable and sensitive, knows how to teach.”
  •  “…offered an excellent workshop with great possibilities to be used as a model for other groups.”
  •  “…Do not change your method of presenting the material or the aids used. It was awesome.”
  •  “… was very flexible and listened to what the group wanted and needed in the workshop – was very responsive and affirming.”
  •  “…a gifted clinician and teacher.”
  •  “… has made an immense contribution through her excellent consultation, leadership, clinical, teaching and interpersonal skills.”

“Dr. Kehoe is a gifted clinician and teacher whose special expertise lies in making other clinicians aware of the techniques and the advantages of exploring patient’s religious and spiritual lives as legitimate parts of the clinical database. Her lectures are lucid and clinically focused; her written work is clear, basic and immediately accessible.

For years she has led religious/spiritual issues groups of mentally ill persons, demonstrating that such patients can benefit from having a forum in which to explore this vital area, often the sole conflict-free realm of their lives. The religious history questionnaire which she designed single-handedly serves as a model to perform a religious issues consultation is ecumenical and unparalleled. I give her highest recommendation for consultation, teaching and workshop leadership in the essential area.”

Thomas G. Gutheil, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School

“Dr. Kehoe has provided, and continues to provide, an immense contribution to the Milwaukee County Mental Health Division through her excellent consultation, leadership, clinical, teaching and interpersonal skills. As a member of the Mental Health Division Spirituality Community, as Clinical Program Director of the Day Treatment Program, as a clinical psychologist, and as a leader of Spiritual Beliefs and Issues Groups, I have worked closely with Dr. Kehoe for the past three years. Through this rewarding and growthful experience, I have gained a great respect and appreciation for Dr. Kehoe’s many talents and skills and recommend her unequivocally to other mental health and religious professionals/systems interested in her areas of expertise……

Dr. Nancy Kehoe has a vision, a unique vision, which she clearly, consistently, and competently shares with her students. While providing expertise and support, she simultaneously draws participants to join in co-creating with her, and empowers them to function independently. The result is a superb product which fully satisfies the needs and resources of those she serves.”

John Prestby, Ph.D.
Clinical Program Director
Day Treatment Program
Milwaukee County Mental Health Division

“Working with staff from all departments, Nancy developed a program entitled “Food for the Soul”. Small multidisciplinary groups formed to help the staff identify and share the spiritual and life-giving dimension of their lives that enables them to continue to provide quality and compassionate care to our residents. Nancy’s skills coupled with her gracious openness and acceptance of each individual’s beliefs quickly gained her the trust and respect of a diverse group of people. Members of the groups have expressed high praise for the program and both a personal and professional benefit from their participation in the group.

Subsequent to the development of the “Food for the Soul” program the executive team had identified the need for the company to assist its middle managers in dealing with the problems they were confronting as supervisors and leaders of others. Nancy was asked to develop a program that would provide theory as well as practical experience. Once again because of her deep respect for the managers as individuals as well as her flexibility and her ability to adapt to their individual and collective needs, she created a program that has generated a new energy and a greater self-confidence among our middle managers. It has been so positively received that a decision has been made to develop a second component.”

Marrianne Keevins
President and C.E.O
3030 Park

“Nancy….We were very fortunate to have you as the keynote speaker for the conferences on Integrative Medicine…at Scripps, San Diego. Both conferences were an overwhelming success largely due to the knowledge, insight and warmth you shared. Many participants expressed their appreciation for both the topic and the high quality of the program. Thank you Nancy, for your presentations on “integration of Spirituality and Mental Health Services,” “Religion/Spirituality in Mental Illness: Cross-cultural Issues and Community Networking,” and “Taking a Religious/Spiritual History as Part of the Assessment.”

John Gillman
Conference Coordinator

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