Expanding Connections: Spirituality and Healthcare

    • Bridging Gaps
    • Challenging Taboos
    • Expanding Connections

For thirty years, Nancy Kehoe,RSCJ, PhD a clinical psychologist and a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart has been doing just that in her professional work as a psychologist.

Her training and consultation service, Expanding Connections is unique . She works with healthcare agencies, mental health facilities, and other social service providers to address the spiritual and religious needs of their clients.  She works with faith-based communities,to expand their understanding of mental illness and offers a model for communities to widen their welcome. In her engaging, interactive style, Nancy invites participants to reframe the challenges of their lives and helps them to discover ways of responding to these challenges in meaningful ways.

Using the metaphor of building bridges, Nancy speaks of bridging the gaps between the multiple, fragmented parts of our lives, making it possible for us to ultimately reconnect with core values and goals, either personally or as part of an institution. Recently she has expanded her connections further by doing weekly phone consultation with a staff person in a psychiatric-forensic hospital, guiding her through the process of developing a group on spirituality for the patients.

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